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Art Projects. Ashot Khachatrian

Ashot is participating in artistic and cultural life of St. Petersburg: In 1992 together with Marina Djigarkhanyan organized “The Charity exhibition of St. Petersburg Armenian Artists” in the House of Officers. In 1993 Ashot was a curator of “The First Exhibition of Painting and Graphic” of the Association of the Masters of Visual and Applies Arts,” in the House of Journalist. In 1999, in the House of Journalist, Ashot gathered artists, art critics and collectors, organizing an evening in memory of Minas Avetisyan and a one-day exhibition of more than his 30 works from private collections. Of great interest were the paintings of early Minas, they became an opening for those who saw the works of his mature period.
The event was attended by representatives of intellectual and spiritual elite of the city - the members of the Artists' Union; Vera Razdolskaya, professor at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, Head of the Department of Foreign Art, and those who were personally acquainted with Minas Avetisyan or studied with him; artists Andrei Yakovlev, Zaven Arshakuni, Herman Yegoshin, wife of the artist and writer Galyavkin; Academician Boris Zakharchenya. The evening became a great event in the lives of many people.
Ashot Khachatrian is credited with reviving the printed edition, covering the life of St. Petersburg Union of Artists. In 1999 he joined a group of like-minded people and registered the newspaper “Artist of Petersburg”, becoming its co-founder. Currently, he is also chief editor of the newspaper that brings together well-known art historians, museum workers. Ashot's site allows you to get acquainted with the newspaper.
In 2005, in order to revive cultural relations between Russia and Armenia, Ashot Khachatrian gathered a collection of paintings by leading contemporary artists of our city and initiated the transfer of these works to the National Gallery of Armenia. The idea was supported by the Committee on Foreign Relations. This action successfully entered into the program "Days of St. Petersburg in Armenia". The ceremony of donation on behalf of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg and the authors took place at the National Gallery in Yerevan - Head of the Delegation, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko, in the presence of Mayor of the City, had presented more than 20 works.


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